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Keystart Home Loans (WA Only)
The Keystart 'Low Deposit' Home Loan is a variable interest rate loan which can be used by owner-occupiers to buy an established home or build a new one. It is available to both first and non-first homebuyers across Western Australia.

The most attractive aspect of Keystart is that you only require a 2 per cent deposit, of which only 1 per cent needs to be genuine savings. The other great thing about Keystart Home Loans is that if you're building a new home, you only have to pay $50 per week during the construction period, which is a great advantage if you're renting at the same time.

One of the significant differences between Keystart and the major banks is that they don't require any mortgage insurance. This reduces your end loan amount, thereby reducing your monthly repayment. Keystart will even allow people with defaults, or individuals that have been bankrupt; to take out a home loan assuming they meet certain credit criteria. Keystart are experts at providing affordable finance options where other home loan lenders are unable to provide assistance.

We can review any of your current personal or home loans to ensure that you're getting the very best deal; work out your borrowing capacity for a new home, car or other purchase; or simply help you create a more effective plan to manage your finances. Like everything we do, this service is provided completely free of charge!